2019-09-09 14:37:18

How to distinguish the north and south poles of special-shaped strong magnets?

1. We can use the strong magnets that already know the North and South Poles to test. We can close one end of the strong magnet to the one that already knows is the South Pole. If two related suctions live together, it means that it is the North Pole, otherwise it is the South Pole. Mainly used in the same polar exclusion, heteropolar attraction principle.


2. This method is simpler. First, we need to find a small compass. When the compass is stable, we take the unknown magnet to the N pole near the Antarctic. If the magnet repels each other, the end of the magnet is the Antarctic (N) or the end of the magnet is the S.


3. Geographical poles can be used to determine a bar magnet, such as a bar magnet. A line can be used to tie the magnet in the middle position and hang it up. When the magnet is near horizontal static, the N pole points to the north and the S pole points to the south.


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