2019-02-13 16:34:28

Information You Need On Badge Magnets

The badge magnet is used by companies and event organizers as a badge holder for their ID. The magnetic card has the characteristics of high cost-effectiveness, strong attraction, high grade, easy to use and so on. Unlike traditional safety pin models, magnetic badges do not damage clothes.

When you have a badge magnet, you can ensure that this does not happen when the badge is fixed in place by two or more magnets. Therefore, taking down and wearing the badge many times has no harmful effect on your clothes.

Another advantage of using a badge magnet is its convenience. Because it does not use safety pins, it is very easy to remove or remove badges. You can wear it and take it off without eyes. However, the traditional badge clip must be seen when it is worn, otherwise it will be stabbed, or the badge may not match the clothes.

In addition, the service life of magnets is longer. When used to hold a badge, you can ensure that it does not need to be replaced for a long time. The safety pin on the badge may rust over time. The cost of these safety pins may not be high. But rust can do a lot of damage to your clothes. This is especially frustrating if you don't immediately realize that the pins are starting to rust. Once you use it to rust, the stain on the fabric is irreversible.

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