2019-06-25 08:49:06

Magnetic Name Badge Introduction & Price

    Often encounter customer consultation magnetic breastplate, the first sentence is: "I want to do magnetic breastplate, how much is it?" Here, it is introduced that the main material of magnet is neodymium, which belongs to one kind of rare earth. With the regulation and control of rare earth materials in our country and the fluctuation of the market. Rare earth prices have been rising all the time. Because of the price factor of raw materials, the unit price of a small magnet (the magnet used in the chest plate is permanent magnet) needs several yuan. So the magnet fittings of the magnet breastplate are relatively expensive.


To this end, the magnet breastplate to do the relevant explanation.

1. The magnet mentioned in the magnet breastplate is only a way of wearing the back of the breastplate. It can be said that most of the chest cards on the market can be worn in the form of magnets.


2. Therefore, when consulting the specific price, it is still necessary to make clear the factors such as the surface material, technology, style, size and so on. It is better to provide sample pictures. In this way, we can give you a definite offer.


3. At the same time, it needs to be explained that the price of magnet accessories is relatively high because the magnets are made of rare earth materials and the rare earth materials are soaring at present.


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