2020-02-05 16:01:42

Which products use more heteromorphic magnets?

Some magnets with complex shapes are called special-shaped magnets for short. Because of the difficulties in production and processing, not every manufacturer does this. Dongguan carrich magnet factory is a professional manufacturer of special-shaped magnets. It provides quotation and proofing of special-shaped magnets, customized eccentric punching special-shaped magnets, convex charging magnets, side punching special-shaped magnets, slotted magnets, etc. welcome to come to the drawing and sample processing 。

Today, we mainly introduce the special magnet in which products are used more? What are the types of heteromorphic magnets? How to produce the special magnet and its main use.

1、 In which products are heteromorphic magnets used more?

From the current contact with customers who use special-shaped magnets, there are more special-shaped magnets than connectors, including car charging, etc., of course, other fields such as electroacoustics, electrical appliances, electronics, motors, mobile phones, etc., are also widely used, which may be used in all walks of life.

2、 What are the common heteromorphic magnets?

The common special-shaped magnets are concave convex magnet, slotted magnet, horseshoe magnet, punch hole, side hole magnet and angle cutting magnet.

Guess what you're concerned about: how does a special magnet come out?

It depends on the specific shape. The material of the magnet is brittle, so the processing procedure is complicated. There are many kinds of machines used, such as automatic slicing machine, wire cutting machine, forming grinder, centerless grinder, drilling machine, etc.

Why use a special magnet? What are the advantages of heteromorphic magnets?

Special magnet products have high cost performance and good mechanical properties. With high magnetic energy product and coercive force, it has been widely used in modern industry and electronic technology.