2019-09-30 10:10:41

Why can a special-shaped strong magnet absorb iron? Where does its energy come from?

There is a magnetic field around the special-shaped strong magnet. The magnetic field is a special kind of material. It stores magnetic energy in the magnetic field. Magnets absorb iron because there are small magnetic domains in iron, which can be easily attracted by magnetic field magnetization. The magnet's attraction to iron comes from the magnetic field.


Generally, there are innumerable magnetic distances in the magnetic material, which are disorderly and offset each other, so that the material can not show magnetism. When the external magnetic field acts on the magnetic material, the external magnetic field can work to magnetize the chaotic magnetic distance direction inside the magnetic material into the same direction, so that the magnetic field superimposition strengthens each other and eventually makes the magnetic field external. This is the birth process of the magnet. The magnetic field of the magnet stores magnetic energy. It can work by magnetic force, which is somewhat similar to the electric field.


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